Christopher Molnar

Vice President of Global Product Marketing and Engineering,
Chromalox (CHX), Pittsburgh, USA

What does a typical day look like for you?
There is no such thing as a typical day and I love it that way. I travel all over the world working on strategic projects, visiting customers, speaking at conferences and events, mentoring and training people in my department, updating corporate management on progress through our meeting calendar, developing new products and technologies for growth, and many other things. There is never a dull moment. 

When did you first become interested in a role with Chromalox?
Even though I have multiple degrees in engineering, I have always been interested in more of the strategic and business development areas of business.  I wanted a career path that leveraged my technical background and experience, yet did not encompass a traditional engineering role. Working at Chromalox in this role provides the perfect blend for my education and passion. I spend time on the strategic elements of our business that involve engineering, design, technology and innovation.

What are you excited about for the future with Chromalox and Spirax-Sarco Engineering (SSE)?
 The world is changing rapidly, especially in regard to energy, sustainability and communications. All of those trends have the potential to generate once-in-a-lifetime shifts in an organisation. We see those shifts as opportunities. In many cases SSE has the talent and vision to get ahead of those inflection points and shape our business to embrace those opportunities. While the future SSE will still embody the culture and values that makes it great, that doesn’t mean it will be the same as today. And that is exciting.

What difference do you think you have made?

I like to say that we don’t sell products, we solve problems. That’s what we do every day, that’s why our customers come to us.  We solve their problems. And sometimes we are the only ones who can. I have a deep sense of satisfaction every time we help a customer solve a problem that they felt was insurmountable or impossible. And that’s not lip service, we really do that…and it’s awesome!


“What I love about Chromalox is that people and teams support and encourage each other to be their best.”

How would you describe the culture at Chromalox?
Passionate, dedicated, professional and encouraging. What I love about Chromalox is that people and teams support and encourage each other to be their best. People are always willing to provide time, talent, and resources to get the job done, even if it is outside of their scope or responsibilities. The company embodies teamwork and sacrifice.

How much opportunity is there for personal development at Chromalox?
After coming on board, I can honestly say that the level of attention, focus, and investment made towards personal development at Chromalox is world class.  The talent development team cares deeply about seeing individuals grow into the future leaders of our business.

How important is diversity at Spirax-Sarco Engineering?
Diversity is rightfully recognised as vitally important. A global business can only be effective when diversity is a core objective. Diversity produces innovation, creativity, and teamwork, all the hallmarks of a healthy organisation. SSE strives to be excellent in all things and diversity is a core component in excellence. So for us, diversity is a must.


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