Our business areas

Our successful focus on sustainability means we are an expanding Group and can offer motivating and secure career opportunities in all key markets worldwide as we continue to grow. If you would like some more detailed information about what we do, please visit us at www.spiraxsarcoengineering.com

Sales & Service

We have a direct sales presence in over 60 countries, serving over 100,000 direct buying customers in 130 countries worldwide. With our direct sales channels accounting for over 70% of our global revenue, our technically-expert sales force is at the heart of our business.

Supply & Manufacturing

We manufacture over 1,500 core product lines globally. They encompass industrial and commercial steam system products, electrical process heating and temperature management products, and peristaltic and niche pumps and associated fluid path technologies.

Research & Development

Through innovative R&D we continually develop and enhance our already broad range of products, pre-fabricated packages and site services so that we can continue to meet our customers’ changing needs.


We help our customers identify any in-house engineering knowledge skill gaps and help to address them by offering a wide range of training courses in our 59 training centres worldwide.


To keep our customers’ systems operating efficiently, we offer a comprehensive range of site audits, maintenance services and digital monitoring solutions.

Corporate Functions

Since we operate in both mature and emerging economies, in almost all industrial sectors and given our unique global coverage, we need the best Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Sourcing, Procurement, Marketing & Communications professionals to help us navigate our continued growth.