Steven Zamantakis

Welding Engineer
Chromalox (CHX)

What is your role here and what part of the Group do you work in? How long have you been with our company and where did you start your career?
I work in the quality department as a welding engineer. I have been with Chromalox for 2 years 8 months. My career started here at Chromalox. While in work, I was still attending college, I received an internship position at Chromalox. When I graduated, I was offered a full-time position.


What does a typical day look like for you?
From week to week, what I do can change a little bit. Below are just a couple things I work on:

  • Working on welding improvement projects to decrease production time and improve quality
  • Developing new welding procedures
  • Reviewing drawings and assigning welding procedures to jobs
  • Assisting with resolving customer specification issues
  • Directing welding/brazing training program.


What’s challenging about your job? What do you enjoy?
The challenging part about my job is that I am still fairly fresh out of college. There’s still many things I am learning. That’s also what I enjoy though. I get to work at a place where I get to learn new things every week and with people who are willing to share their knowledge with me.


“I am learning new things every week. Working with people who are willing to share their knowledge makes coming to work enjoyable.”

Is there a specific project or piece of work, particular time you want to talk about – can you tell me about it?  How did you do it and what support did you get? What impact has it had on the business as a whole?
A specific project I recently finished is our weld tractor project. The equipment facilitates the welding of long seams on pressure vessels and procedure qualification test plates. Before we had the weld tractor, we had to weld long seams by hand. By mechanising the welding of long seams, we are able to speed up the process, reduce operator fatigue, and create higher quality welds.

What is the best part about working here?
As mentioned earlier, I am learning new things every week. Working with people who are willing to share their knowledge makes coming to work enjoyable.

What difference do you make? And what excites you about the future?
The difference I make is that I enjoy finding ways to improve our processes. Implementing new equipment to improve our welding quality and reduce welding time is one of the differences I make. One thing that excites me about the future, is that I see us implementing more mechanised or automated welding equipment. We have a submerged arc welding system coming in the near future, so that is very excited.

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